Discover the Life-Changing Silence Within in This 7-Minute Meditation

Meditating dog with arms raised up and closed eyes

There are many different forms of meditation. Some involve ritualistic attachments such as kneeling in front of an altar, lighting candles, ringing bells, repeating a mantra, or chanting OM’s. Others require you to sit on a cushion in a certain posture for a half hour as you focus on your breath and attempt to avoid all thought. Still other forms of meditation require you to spend a lot of money to learn how to do them from so-called spiritual masters and gurus. But this beautifully simple 7-minute meditation requires only two things– a straight-back chair to sit in, and your intention to be still and focus.

Long-time radio talk show host, Roy Masters (now in his late 80’s and still going strong) created this very simple, powerful meditation back in the 1980’s and has been giving it away for free ever since. It has helped countless people of all walks of life over the years. It’s objective, easy, and  straight to the point. And, as you’re about to find out, it can be an extremely powerful tool for freeing yourself from the mind’s ceaseless chatter and patterns.

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