Could You Live Without Money? Heidemarie Schwermer Has for 19 Years

Could you live without money? For many, the idea of living without money is unfathomable. But former pscyhotherapist Heidemarie Schwermer, from Germany, says she’s happier and better off than she’s ever been after having given up money for the past 19 years. And she has no plans to go back to it.

Outraged by the world’s growing wealth gap in which people starve of hunger while tons of food goes wasted, Heidemarie decided that her work  simply wasn’t fulfilling enough. She wanted to do something to help change the world. More than two decades ago, Heidemarie opened a Tauschring (swap shop) in her city called Gib und Nimm (Give and Take) where people could trade various items, skills, and services for others that they needed without money ever having to exchange hands. The shop became a huge hit, and it eventually led Heidemarie to want to revolutionize her relationship with money in even more profound ways.

Learn about Heidemarie’s story in a great article and a video of her TED Talk on the next pages.

Article Image Source: Berliner Büchertisch

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