Yoga and Tibetan Eye Exercises to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Unlike any other time in history, humans are using their eyes in a very fixed way by staring at computer screens and televisions for hours upon hours each day, month after month, year after year. This straight ahead fixated stare of the eyes can cause them to become less and less agile, as the small but critical muscles surrounding the eyeball become tight and imbalanced. This muscle imbalance can pull the eyeball out of shape which can lead to distorted vision. This eventually creates a need for glasses or contact lenses.

The eyes are said to use somewhere around 20% of our energy every day. So it stands to reason that if they are stressed and tired from straining looking at a screen all day, it will be felt as a drain on your entire body and can affect your overall state of health. But by doing some very simple eye exercises like the ones shown on the next pages, the eyes can be restored to a healthy, vibrant state.

Article Image Source: Laitr Keiows

Can your eyes do yoga? You bet they can! Go to the next page to learn yoga for healthy eyes.

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