200 Ways to Feel More ALIVE and Embrace the Magic of Life

All too often we find ourselves caught in a routine that causes life to rush by at warp speed. Work, kids, exercise, sitting in traffic, eating, sleeping, and repeating it all over again the next day. Later in our lives, we wake up stunned and say, “Wow, holy sh*#, where did my life go”?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little dedication to doing something each day that takes you out of your routine, your life can totally change in ways you never imagined. Here are some ideas of things you can do throughout the year that can lighten up your life and add more fun and lasting memories. Here are 200 simple things you can do to give yourself a healthy shot of rejuvenation, and help you feel life’s magic.

  1. Create your own bucket list of at least 100 things you want to do before you die
  2. Spend the day at a day spa, go the gym or take a yoga class
  3. Adopt a shelter animal
  4. Volunteer your time at a shelter or other worthy cause
  5. Do 5 random acts of kindness
  6. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
  7. Visit a museum
  8. Try a new type of ethnic cuisine
  9. Ride a skateboard, even if you have to sit on it
  10. Get a massage
  11. Take public transportation like the bus or train
  12. Sing karaoke even if you are scared — just do it and have fun — who cares!
  13. Ride in a canoe and/or kayak
  14. Throw someone a surprise party
  15. Ice skate
  16. Roller blade
  17. Sponsor a child or homeless person
  18. Go to a comedy club and laugh your butt off
  19. Learn and perform at least one magic trick
  20. Take a cooking lesson — even if just on YouTube
  21. Create your own personal recipe book
  22. Give up meat and go veggie (for at least a day)
  23. Write a letter to someone who positively influenced you
  24. Host a dinner party
  25. Take a bubble bath by candlelight with champagne, wine, or sparkling cider
  26. Play the lotto — just one dollar — and make a wish first!
  27. Take a lesson to play a musical instrument (YouTube has this, too!)
  28. Learn to swim or see if you can tread water for 30 minutes
  29. Identify constellations in the night sky
  30. Climb a rock wall
  31. Try selling something online even if you don’t have a product of your own (become an affiliate)
  32. Visit a nursing home and cheer up someone’s life
  33. Learn how to play chess
  34. Play golf or go to the driving range and just hit some balls
  35. Become an ordained minister — it’s free!
  36. Meditate
  37. Make and bury a time capsule
  38. Take a jumping pic or have someone take it of you
  39. Write your life story
  40. Buy some penny stock
  41. Paint a picture
  42. Get a caricature done of yourself
  43. Learn to say hello and/or I love you in another language
  44. Get hypnotized
  45. Have a past life regression session
  46. Play darts (try not to stick them in the wall or ceiling)
  47. Play pool or billiards
  48. Play poker
  49. See a play or a musical
  50. Donate blood — there is a short supply

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