200 Ways to Feel More ALIVE and Embrace the Magic of Life

Here are even more things you can do to reinvigorate your life:

  1. Ride a horse or at least go to a horse stable and walk around and pet them
  2. Listen to live music
  3. Study a book on self-confidence and be proud of who you are and the life you have
  4. Read old cards and letters from your family and friends
  5. Take a great picture, print it, frame it, and hang it on the wall
  6. Cheer wildly for yourself while looking in the mirror — it’s fun!
  7. Wear a crazy hat out in public
  8. Feed the ducks or birds or squirrels
  9. Spend the day at the beach or lake or in a forest
  10. Completely plan your dream home down to the finer details
  11. Play truth or dare and go for it
  12. Follow people who inspire you on Twitter and/or Facebook
  13. Hold the door open for strangers
  14. Shop at a flea market, swap meet or garage sale
  15. Contribute to someone’s fundraising campaign online
  16. Donate to an animal shelter
  17. Write a note and leave it in a library book
  18. Walk in the warm rain even if with an umbrella
  19. Start a dream vacation fund
  20. Eat something really crazy that you’ve always avoided
  21. Learn Tai Chi (YouTube!)
  22. Learn a few yoga poses — or just one will do, too
  23. Start a compost if you have space in the yard
  24. Recycle all your old stuff to donate to the thrift store and those who can use  it– clothes, shoes, etc.
  25. Start a scrapbook with mementos and souvenirs
  26. Eat breakfast in bed
  27. Play relaxing sounds or music as you sleep
  28. Nap in a hammock (or buy one so you can nap all the time in it)
  29. Write a list of everything you’re grateful for
  30. Imagine you won $1 million, and plan what you would spend it on down to the penny
  31. Get a book signed by the author
  32. Donate 10,000 grains of rice on FreeRice.com
  33. Make a loan on Kiva.org even if it’s just a few dollars
  34. Start a 365-day photo project
  35. Make an origami crane or something else fun
  36. Order something different off the menu — come on, you can do it!
  37. Visit a farmer’s market and support the local farmers
  38. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual
  39. Donate to a cause you’re passionate about
  40. Ask the grocery clerk how their day is going
  41. Ask a child to teach you a song, or teach a kid a song you like
  42. Go bike riding around town
  43. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
  44. Enter a free writing contest even if you don’t think you are a writer
  45. Go surfing, sledding, 4-wheeling or mountain biking
  46. Have professional pictures taken
  47. Try a different kind of tea you’ve never had
  48. Buy a skin brush and brush your skin
  49. Rearrange your furniture
  50. Bake a pie

We’re not done yet! Go to the next page for another 50 life-enhancing ideas.

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