200 Ways to Feel More ALIVE and Embrace the Magic of Life

Here are 50 more ways you can revive yourself:

  1. Try drinking only fruit juice for a day
  2. Learn a new word (or two, or five)
  3. Try kombucha tea or kefir to strengthen your gut
  4. Photograph a bug close up
  5. Give someone else a massage
  6. Pick your own fruit
  7. Write a letter for future generations to read
  8. Write a letter to yourself to open in 10 years
  9. Forgive others who’ve hurt you and let go of the past
  10. Forgive yourself for anything and everything, and stop judging yourself
  11. Try a new fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried
  12. Make a smoothie
  13. Go someplace fun and get lost on purpose
  14. First thing when you awaken, think of something you are grateful for and say thanks out loud!
  15. Make a vision board and put your dreams on it
  16. Be interviewed on video or create your own video self-interview with your phone
  17. Fly a kite
  18. Watch a YouTube of your favorite comedian, or someone new
  19. Find the event calendar for your city, or a bigger city nearby, and make note of the fun stuff coming up you can do — set reminders to do them!
  20. Take a vow of silence for 3 hours
  21. Play a prank on someone who needs to lighten up a bit
  22. Break a superstition once and for all
  23. Realize how beautiful and attractive you are (beauty is always in the eye of the beholder)
  24. Eat nothing but fresh food all day
  25. Make a blessings jar, write down something, and drop it in everyday going forward
  26. Go mirrorless for a day
  27. Sit in a sauna and sweat really good
  28. Start a whole-body cleanse
  29. Write to your hero and tell them how much they’ve meant to you
  30. Go on a news fast and watch alternative news instead
  31. Start a gratitude journal
  32. Make something out of paper mache
  33. Write down your regrets and see if you can still do something about it so you have none; if not, let them go
  34. Apologize to someone you’ve hurt
  35. Get to know your neighbors — just introduce yourself
  36. Give up TV for at least a couple of days and see how you feel
  37. Write your personal manifesto
  38. Shop at a resale clothing or thrift store
  39. Don’t look at your social media sites — you can do it!
  40. Make rock candy/crystals
  41. Go on a sunset or evening walk
  42. Get a facial or do a clay mask yourself
  43. Make homemade pickles or raw sauerkraut
  44. Host a “talk and share” night with friends
  45. Memorize a really funny joke and tell it
  46. Write thank you notes to friends and family just because
  47. Learn about and open your chakras
  48. Pick wildflowers
  49. Spend a day alone
  50. Compliment everyone you meet

There’s so many things one can do to add “spice” to one’s life. Even if you only did one a week, that would be 52 extra things in the next year that you perhaps would have never done. Just think…within five years, just by doing one new fun thing a week you will have added 250+ all-new experiences to your life.

So go for it and challenge your friends and family to do the same. PASS THIS LIST ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND CHALLENGE THEM!

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