[VIDEO] Take a Wild and Amazing Journey Inside the Human Body

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

The human body is the vehicle of your soul, spirit, energy, consciousness — however you want to define the forever, timeless YOU. With it comes millions of unknown possibilities and unique potentialities spread across a lifetime. It is the one and only avenue of your human physical expression — your “must-have pass” to occupying form and space on earth.

You will carry it with you from the moment you arrive till the moment you depart. Every second it will battle to protect you from predator organisms vying to devour you. It will compensate for your ignorance, constantly adapting to survive your errant choices in food, thought and actions. It will regenerate your tissues, knit bone, form muscle, grow hair, make blood, regrow skin, absorb oxygen, create sounds, walk, run, and play. It will store memory, produce thoughts, process images by the billions, digest food, eliminate waste, and provide an array of sensations that not only pleasure your being but guard you as well.

The human body is a beyond-masterful, brilliant creation. It is the most magnificent machine ever “built.” And you OWN one. A gift for life.

Watch this wonderful video that provides an inside-out view of how the amazing human body works from birth, through childhood, to adulthood, and finally old age. And please share it as everyone could benefit from a refresher course on how precious the body is.

Article Image Copyright: nejron/depositphotos.com

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