Check Out These 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Kick-the-Sick!

By Paul Thomas


Most people wait until something breaks before they fix it. It’s how we were taught and it makes sense doesn’t it. But when it comes to the body, it’s better to always think about fixing the body—BEFORE it breaks which gives you the greatest chance of living a sick-free life.

Because if you wait until your body breaks you may not be able to fix it and it may break permanently—meaning, the body calls it quits and you’re done.

Or worse yet, you end up living with a broken body, suffering for the duration of your life with Meds, surgeries, endless Dr. visits, pain, misery and a loss of the joy of health. Surely not a way to live is it. Life is challenging enough. So what can you do to fix the body before it breaks?

Here Are 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Help Keep Your Body Strong and Fix it Long Before it Breaks:


Pure water is the world’s best medicine. Water is the life of the planet—present in most living organisms. In our bodies all the cells, organs and tissues use water to regulate the many body functions including temperature and the all-important electrical system—run by electrolytes via water.

The human body loses water through breathing, sweating, urination and digestion. So, it is vital to replenish the water in the body daily either by drinking water and also by eating foods rich in water such as fruits, veggies or complex carbs, eg., millet, quinoa or brown rice.

Drinking enough pure water every day also helps the body get rid of those nasty toxins that age you, make you sick and break you down. The human body is about 80% water which means we have to keep adequately watering it every single day to nourish and help flush our systems of the harmful toxins.

What are Those Harmful Toxins that Invade Our Bodies, Break Us Down and Make Us Sick?

Toxins are actually a normal part of the body’s daily by-product of metabolism. Cells are constantly dying and giving off waste which needs to be eliminated each day in order to keep you healthy. Your body is able to detoxify itself in a natural manner with the use of its lungs, lymph system, liver, kidneys, skin and bowels. A good functioning elimination process is critical for optimum health.

But when our bodies are bombarded with toxins from crappy, processed foods for instance that are loaded with chemicals and preservatives, along with alcohol, meds or processed sugars and fried fats, the toxins can build up rather quickly and can cause a myriad of health problems—leading to the body breaking down, getting sick and often times even dying.

So, How Does Water Play a Part in Removing Toxins?

Water flushes toxins and waste from every one of your many trillion cells and every organ in the body by bathing the cells in a process of pure, clean water exchange throughout the day—and this comes from the fresh water you drink. So, each day you need new, fresh water!

Think of it like taking a bath every day. Would you take a bath in the same bath water each day? NO, you would not! So then you of course want to make sure your internal body water is also changed and fresh each day.

How Much Water to Drink Each Day?

Keep it simple…make sure you get at least 8-10 glasses or more of water each day—more if you are exercising and more if you’re an extra big person. If you live in hot weather, you can monitor your input according to the temperature throughout the year. Most important, JUST DRINK UP! STAY HYDRATED!


Alcohol is NOT meant for human consumption—PERIOD—no matter how you try to spin and justify it. It’s actually a poison to the human body and is highly damaging to organs especially the liver. It also weakens the vascular system and heart, ages the cells throughout the body and kills brain cells. There’s no excuse for drinking it—and if you do, you should consider stopping because drinking alcohol is a sure-fire way to break the body.

Replace alcohol with something really good for your body like fresh juices, organic kombucha drinks or other natural beverages and your body will love you and sing with joy!

Too Much Sugar is a Killer. The list of arguments for avoiding it is long, and the list of harmful effects in your body even longer. Part of the problem with sugar is that we’re eating so much of it. In 1700, when sugar was a rarity and only for the wealthy, average consumption was at approximately 4 pounds per year.

By 1900 that number had risen to 90 pounds per year, and in 2008, more than half of Americans consume a half pound of sugar daily. That’s 180 pounds of sugar per year.

These outrageous levels of sugar consumption are an enormous part of the health problem in North America today, quite directly responsible for obesity, diabetes, and a host of degenerative diseases.

Yes, it’s hard to give up sugar because we’ve been programmed to eat it since birth, but give it up and your body will love and reward you with a more balanced daily metabolism, preventing the up and down chaos of blood sugar imbalance which can ruin your health.

Use Lots of Root Veggies and Super Greens to Build Body Strength and Help Detox the Entire Body.

Start eating big, high fiber salads with lots of “root veggies” as often as possible. The best way I’ve found to do this is to get a good hand-held grater and grate all the root veggies which makes your salad much easier to eat because it will cut down on your chewing time.

High-fiber foods stay in your digestive tract longer, and in the process, they keep you feeling full. Part of their fiber also gives off valuable polysaccharides, prebiotics and probiotics which are found in plant foods and shown to exhibit anti-carcinogenic, anticoagulant, immune-stimulating and antioxidant effects.

A high-fiber diet not only helps prevent inflammation and disease formation, but it also works wonders for helping with digestion and preventing things like IBS and other intestinal disorders including the killer, colon cancer. It also helps with naturally relieving constipation and hemorrhoids.

Examples of common types of root vegetables include: potatoes (russet, red, sweet and yams – these can be cooked of course) beets, parsnips, carrots, celeriac (celery root), fennel, Jerusalem artichokes, jicama, radishes (red and daikon) and turnips.

Along with your root veggies, you can add some super greens to round off your big salad and other highly nutritious veggies that have a high sulfur content like red cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale and toss in some garlic if you like or scallions. NOTE: You may want to steam the broccoli and Brussels sprouts then put them in your salad.

Organic olive oil, apple cider vinegar and salt make a tasty salad dressing too. Remember to keep the dressing simple so as not to challenge your digestion.

Instead of an apple a day — eat a BIG SALAD a day to keep the doctor away!

STAY STRONG, SUPER HEALTHY AND IN THE NOW…where all life happens. Good thoughts always!