Could This Simple, 7-Minute Meditation Be the Key to Inner Peace?

There are many different forms of meditation — so many it would seem that, by now, everyone should have found one that they love to do everyday. Yet, how many people do you know who meditate regularly?

Some meditations involve rituals such as kneeling in front of an altar, lighting candles, ringing bells, repeating a mantra, or chanting OMs. Others require you to sit on a cushion in a certain posture for a half hour as you focus on your breath and attempt to avoid all thought (as if thinking is an enemy that must be vanquished).

From everything we’ve read and heard, most people just aren’t interested in these forms of meditation — or if they’ve tried them, they didn’t experience the results they expected. They might take too long to do, feel weird, make them fall asleep, or are just flat-out boring. Because of this, they believe that they don’t like mediating. They figure that maybe it just isn’t for them.

Oh, and then there are the meditations that require you to spend a lot of money to learn how to do them from so-called spiritual gurus. They may work while you’re at a group retreat, but aren’t easily sustained when you’re back at home by yourself. Essentially, they’re a fancier, more exclusive, much more expensive way for people to discover that they still don’t like meditating.

But what if there was a form of meditation that didn’t take long to do — 7 minutes is all — and engaged you in a state of calm and focus that didn’t put you to sleep? What if it was beautifully simple and required only two things: a straight-back chair to sit in, and your intention to be still and focus?

Better yet, what if the benefits of this meditation were so great that it actually helped you to gain mastery over your mind…to the point that you experience lasting inner peace?

If that sounds good to you, then you’ll want to watch the video below — because this meditation exists.

Long-time radio talk show host, Roy Masters (now in his early 90’s and still going strong) created this very simple, powerful meditation back in the 1980’s and has been giving it away free ever since. It has helped countless people of all walks of life over the years.

Roy’s meditation is objective, easy, and  straight to the point. And, as you’re about to find out, it can be an extremely powerful tool for freeing yourself from the mind’s ceaseless chatter and patterns.

Take 7 minutes to listen to this marvelously simple yet powerful meditation, and let us know how it worked for you. If you find value in it, please pass it along to help others, too.

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