Iodine is one of the best protectors for the human body so adding some MSM, which is a form of organic sulfur, to your daily routine is one of the best things you can do to help your body fight off all kinds of foreign invaders including viruses, bacteria, etc..

You can also buy another form called Nascent Iodine. Shop Here.

Nascent iodine, also called transformative nano-colloidal detoxified iodine, is a consumable form of iodine that holds an electromagnetic charge. It allows for a larger release of energy once consumed and is very similar to the precursor form of iodine that is converted into the thyroid hormones. Because of this, your body can easily recognize and assimilate it. Its unique structure and form allow it to travel through the body more quickly and easily than any other iodine supplement. Also, unlike many liquid iodine supplements, it contains no alcohol. Some believe Nascent iodine is the best form for supplementation.

Either one is great for the human body, especially in today’s ailing world.