5 Signs You’re Shifting to a More Positive Vibration

by Heather Mandel Nikola Tesla famously said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The latest science shows us that Tesla was right — everything that exists is made up of energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance. Science also shows that we live in an observer-created reality — that our reality is a direct result of the quality of the consciousness creating it. And for some time now, the collective consciousness of our world has been shifting to a more positive vibration of love, compassion, harmony, and peace. A growing number of people are awakening out of the unconscious, fear-based, negative-vibration paradigm that has long dominated the human experience. Because we still exist in a polarized environment where positive and negative energy are equally expressed and valid, we continue to see war, death, oppression, and disease (for now). Yet, we also see that more and more people are waking up to the fact that we have the power to choose a more positive, loving experience for our lives and our world. The natural foods industry is skyrocketing as people are gravitating toward organic and more nutritional food. Alternative lifestyles are becoming more widely embraced as more and more people choose unconditional love and acceptance of one another over religious and political dogma. Thanks to the digital age, people around the planet are connecting and sharing information that exposes the truth about toxic water and food supplies, social engineering, crimes against humanity, government corruption, and much more. This is critical because awareness is the first step to change.

Here are 5 Key Signs That You’re Experiencing a Shift in Consciousness to a More Positive Frequency:

SIGN # 1 You Can No Longer Tolerate Negative Energy, People, or Substances

One of the first signs that your frequency is rising is that you lose your desire and tolerance for lower frequency people, places, or things. This includes toxic food, drink and substances, violent entertainment, people who are negative and abusive, and even places that hold a dark, depressing vibe. As you literally lighten up in mind and body, you will naturally gravitate away from that which isn’t of a like vibration. You might:
  • Stop eating food with low nutritional value, or stop drinking alcohol or sodas, because consuming them makes you feel heavy or sick
  • Lose interest in a lot of drama-driven TV programs, as well as certain movies and music
  • Feel more anxious and uncomfortable talking with people who complain, gossip, yell, or are otherwise abusive
Don’t be surprised if you start eating much lighter and healthier foods, stop watching TV altogether, or decide to stop hanging around certain people — even family members or long-time close friends. Trust that if they’re supposed to be in your life, they will match up with you frequency-wise sooner or later.

SIGN # 2 You Feel a Deep Connection with and Compassion for All Living Things

Science also shows that, in addition to everything being made of energy, everything is energetically interconnected, and solidity and separation are illusions. And we know that energy cannot be created destroyed — only transformed or transferred from one form to another. Once you start awakening to your true, essential nature as infinite, eternal, indestructible energy, you’ll also recognize that everyone else is made of the same stuff as you. Not just people, but also animals, plants and even rocks, because everything is one; everything is alive and is an expression of the same, one consciousness on some level. In other words, what you do to another, you do to yourself on some level. So you’ll find any tendency to judge and find fault with others dissipating as time goes on. While it’s true you’ll naturally want to stay away from negative, toxic people, you’ll also have great compassion for them because you’ll realize who they really are underneath their human ego. Thus you’ll choose to hold them in your heart with love, even if you can’t be physically near them at this time. You’ll also begin to love yourself more and be more compassionate toward yourself, too.

SIGN # 3 You Start to See Through and Question Systems of Power and Control

Humanity has been mind manipulated and conditioned to view and experience the world according to the agenda of those who wish to control it — very much like how an illusionist mesmerizes his audience and directs them to see what he wants them to see. We have been controlled through a masterfully constructed framework of dis-empowering systems based on false authority. These include money, politics, religion, mainstream media, corporate-controlled government, a vast portion of industry, a large section of academia, and more. As you raise your vibration and awaken further, you’ll probably start to question things you’ve long accepted as “realities we just have to live with,” such as:
  • The monetary system which creates poverty and hunger that could easily be eradicated
  • The “necessity” of war as a means of keeping peace
  • The idea of going to “hell” if you don’t follow certain religious rules
  • The suppression of certain technology, energy alternatives, and treatments for illness
  • And much more
Some of these things will start to seem counter-intuitive or just won’t make sense to you anymore. It’s just an indication that you’re unplugging from “The Matrix.” Keep questioning and allow yourself to fully awaken to the deeper truth of who you are and what this life is really for. It’s not to struggle as a slave to money, society, anything or anybody.

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