[VIDEO] The Amazing Earthships: Self-Sustaining Homes with Style

How great would it be to never pay another rent, mortgage, or utility bill and know you have enough sustainable, renewable energy to last you the rest of your life — all while being kind to Mother Earth? This is the reality for a few courageous and brilliant people who build and live in the amazing, self-sustaining homes called earthships.

Earthships are beautiful, energy-efficient, self-sustaining homes that are made completely of recyclable materials, powered by solar energy, and come with their own water collection, recycling and green sewage systems. Some even have indoor-outdoor greenhouses, chicken coops and fish ponds so that residents can grow fruit, vegetables and animal protein sources. And these homes aren’t short on style, either. Many feature cool, modern architecture and have all the amenities.

By living in one of these self-sustaining homes — and with enough cash saved up to buy the few things the house doesn’t produce — one might never have to rely on the system for anything ever again.

Check out this video and let us know in the comments below…would you live in an earthship if you could?