[VIDEO] The Most Important Key to a Happy Life (By Far!)

If you want some inspiration and true know-how for how to live a happy life, listen to Sam Berns. In his inspiring TEDx talk, Sam teaches us how with the right attitude, a great life can be lived no matter what circumstances you face. It may not be an easy life — but it can be fulfilling and rewarding in ways that might surprise you.

At age two, Sam was diagnosed with Progeria, a rare, rapid aging disease, and passed away a happy young man at the age of 17. But before his death, he had achieved the highest honors possible as  a junior at Foxboro High School in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and was a leader in the school marching band. Remarkably, he also achieved the Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America, an honor that is difficult to earn.

Although his moments here on earth were few compared to many people, Sam took none of them for granted. He didn’t waste his energy feeling sorry for himself, and he stayed committed to following his bliss.

Imagine how much better this world would be if we all had the courage to live and love like this young man did. And how much happier our lives would be, too.

Watch as Sam Berns shares his philosophy on how to live a happy life.

In his own gentle words, Sam Berns explains how he chose to live his life in the face of such tragic physical circumstances. He knew he would likely die young and that his life would be fraught with challenges — yet, despite that, he lived with more passion than most healthy people with a normal lifespan.

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