[VIDEO] Inspiring, Must-See Talk About the Law of Attraction

The “Law of Attraction” (LOA) is a loaded topic for many people. Mainly, that’s because many who practice LOA aren’t getting the results they desire, so they figure that LOA isn’t valid after all. A couple of key reasons why people don’t see results in their LOA practice is that A) they don’t truly believe their manifestation is possible for them — let alone that they deserve to have it — and B) they aren’t taking the aligned actions to ground their desired manifestation into physical reality. There’s another key reason — which is that the desired manifestation isn’t actually relevant for their life or in alignment with their soul’s purpose at this time. For example, it’s something their ego wants because their neighbors or people on T.V. have it. Or they want it not realizing that there’s something far better in store for them down the road — so not getting it is actually a blessing in disguise. But that’s a topic for another discussion. All that said, don’t let previous experience with LOA turn you away from the powerful truth that it absolutely does affect how our lives unfold on a daily basis. LOA is real — in fact, it’s what led you to this page. As the very successful people in the inspiring video below reveal, LOA is precisely the reason they are in the position they are today. Who better to teach on this subject than people who have overcome their own life challenges and succeeded in intentionally creating their lives the way they wanted them to be? It’s important to note that these people aren’t perfect, and neither are their lives. But one thing is certain: they are writing and directing the script of their life movie and commanding their own destiny in a way few people do. Every single one of us has the power to do this as well. We just need to realize it and actively exercise that power.

Ready to be inspired to start putting the law of attraction to work for you?

In this video, Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey and others explain that what they held to be true in their minds and acted upon is exactly what led them to the manifestation of their biggest dreams. Remember — these so-called “celebrities” are just people with the same basic human needs as you. The same principle that works for them works for each of us.  

What are your takeaways from this video, and how has LOA worked in your life so far? Please share with us in the comments below.