How to Let Go of Negative People and Embrace Your Power

By Heather Mandel

Are you feeling that it’s time to let go of negative people in your life? Do you sense that this is something you must do if you want to move forward and make your dreams come true? If so, congratulations—you’re ready to make serious, positive changes in your life, which is why you’re on this page right now.

Here’s the truth (which you probably already know): hanging around negative, toxic, low-energy people—the kind who are always discontent, complaining, lazy, and seeing the downside of everything—is a sure way to keep yourself stuck and going nowhere. And that’s exactly what the negative people in your life want to see: you stuck in mediocrity like them, not fulfilling your dreams, and certainly not outshining them.

How Negative People Work to Undermine Us

Ever heard of the “crab bucket” analogy? If you place a bunch of crabs in a bucket, you never have to worry about any of them breaking out of it. Because the moment that one crab tries to escape, the rest of the crabs will pull it right back down into the bucket with them.

Well, negative people are just like those crabs—hence the term, “crabby.” The Negative Neils and Nellies of the world will do everything they can to dampen your spirits and keep you stuck in the “going nowhere” bucket with them. They’ll diminish or flat-out dismiss your dreams and aspirations as “unrealistic.” They’ll act disinterested in your life and keep turning the conversation back around to them. They’ll be critical and condescending. Or, they’ll just complain to you about their lives until you want to scream “Stop already!”

It can be really disheartening to realize that some of your family members and long-time friends are crabs who want to keep you stuck in the bucket of misery and mediocrity with them. And it can be disturbing to realize how much of a crab you’ve become yourself! As the adage goes, “you are the company you keep.” Hanging around negative, toxic, cynical people can make you negative, toxic, and cynical before you know it.

But even if you don’t feel like you’re a negative person, you’ve also probably seen how powerfully true this statement is: “you get back what you put out.” If you put out negative attitudes and energies, you will get negative experiences as a result. Ask yourself: “Do I really want to hang out with negative people who attract negative experiences, and potentially put myself in harm’s way?”

How to Remove Negativity and Embrace Positivity

One of the fastest ways to cultivate more positive attitudes and energy so that you see more positive results in your life is simple: let go of negative people and align with positive people instead. At the same time, use your self-awareness to notice and let go of any negative patterns within yourself that you might have picked up from negative people in your life.

Next, identify people in your life (and in the world) who are positive and successful. Observe their actions and behaviors and start acting and behaving accordingly. Hang around them as much as you can, and focus on becoming increasingly positive, proactive, and optimistic yourself (otherwise they won’t want to hang around you for long!).

The truth is that the only way to see a different result in your life is to do things in a different way. When you start hanging around positive people and adopting their behaviors—while eliminating contact with negative people—you’ll likely be shocked at how quickly you start manifesting the life of your dreams.

Life is Precious! Don’t Waste it On Negative People

It may be painful to let go of negative people such as family members and old friends whom you love dearly and feel obligated to stay close to. But what price are you paying for sticking by their sides? Are sacrificing your dreams and desires and missing out on the rewards of a truly joyful and fulfilled life really worth it?

Keep in mind that your life and energy are precious and finite—you only have one shot at being you as fully as you can in this very temporary life. You were born to express your unique greatness! It is not your responsibility or obligation to play small or diminish your light to spare anyone else’s feelings. Besides, people who truly love you and have your best interests at heart won’t expect you to.

We all deserve to shine and live with joy, excitement, and optimism, and it’s about time we did. Besides, making your life the best it can be just may inspire the negative people you know to do the same.

Listen to this inspiring talk by motivational master Les Brown and allow it to move you to let go of negative people, embrace your power, and SOAR:

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