[VIDEO] Watch These Amazing Para Athletes Shock Gym Goers

It’s ironic how people with physical challenges or disabilities are often pitied in our society, even while they possess super abilities that are beyond that of normal, “able-bodied” people.

For example, their patience and maturity in overcoming the ignorance of the people who pity them are often remarkable. So are their strength and resilience in simply living each day with challenges that, frankly, scare the majority of people.

Then there are the para athletes. Not only do they perform their sports despite serious physical challenges, they often perform them better — sometimes way better — than people without their challenges.

Watch this video to see three amazing para athletes shock gym goers as they out-run, out-lift, and out-maneuver athletes without disabilities. Witnessing their super athletic abilities just might change your mind about people with disabilities forever — and inspire you to overcome your own challenges, too.

How about you — what’s a challenge that you’ve overcome? Would you share any tips on how you did it? Inspire us in the comments below!