[VIDEO] Fire Up Your Being with this Power-Packed Dose of Motivation

We live in a largely dis-empowering world. It’s not uncommon to experience disapproval, judgment, ridicule, condescension, and put-downs, or just straight up lack of support — often fueled by selfishness, envy, and low self-esteem. Just peruse social media if you have any doubt.

Sometimes we feel that even the people closest to us don’t want us to succeed. From their own broken mindsets, they do their best to break us, too, so that we don’t escape to a life of happiness and goodness they’re afraid they can’t have.

Other times, we’re just afraid or overwhelmed with so much negative emotion — stemming from limiting beliefs about life or what we’re capable of — that we feel we can’t do anything. So we don’t even try.

Yet, we are powerful, eternal beings just having a temporary human experience. We have the ability to identify with our true, natural, spiritual selves, master our human thoughts and emotions, and replace our limiting beliefs with empowering ones. We have the power and right to refuse to let anything or anyone stop us — or influence us to stop ourselves — from living fully and pursuing our biggest goals and dreams.

We all need to take our power back and stop allowing fear and negativity to stop us, so that we may each live an unbroken life and thrive the way we were meant to. This short video is super inspiring, so turn your sound up and feel the rush of high energy fire through your being as you commit to going for your dreams and living with passion and zeal every day, as if it were your last.

What do you do to fire yourself up to go for your dreams, even when you feel unmotivated or knocked down? Share in the comments below!