[VIDEO] This May Leave You Speechless…and More Alive Than Ever Before

Human beings have figured out how to fly across continents, transmit voices and images over airwaves, and grow babies in test tubes, yet we still don’t even know how a blade of grass grows. As Einstein said, “the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” When, through the eyes of science, you open your mind to the immense and massive size of just our galaxy alone, you can’t help but get on your knees and humbly realize your tiny, yet significant place in all that is. If everyone did this, we’d surely stop fighting and hating each other, and instead join hearts in an expression of appreciation, gratitude and love for all of life, including our beautiful planet earth. Watch this video and see how science changed this man’s life forever. But be forewarned…you may never be the same once you do.

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