200 Ways to Feel More ALIVE and Embrace the Magic of Life

BEING ALIVE. Those simple words are so often taken for granted. What do they mean to you? Perhaps they signal an opportunity to…

  • AWAKEN to a new day, and experience the “dance of ALIVENESS” with our brothers and sisters and all other creatures who are alive with us.
  • BREATHE in deeply the invisible substance called AIR that connects us all –- the bringer of life itself.
  • SEE the magic in a simple flower soaking up the sun to in order to unveil its spectacular COLORS…or an ant doggedly walking through that jungle called grass.
  • WITNESS the awesome FLIGHT of winged creatures zooming seemingly weightless through that invisible air.
  • PONDER the BLUE SKY and wonder why it’s not green or pink. Blue seems to match everything so perfectly.
  • CONTEMPLATE the CLOUDS — the ever changing art on that canvas called sky.
  • HEAR the billion different SOUNDS constantly playing out the greatest symphony ever written.
  • TOUCH everything that surrounds you, as your fingertips register to your brain a million different TEXTURES, temperatures and sensations.
  • SMELL the awesome ambiance of nature’s radiant AROMAS greeting you, guiding you, delighting you.
  • TASTE the unending VARIETY of Mother Earth’s life-nurturing gifts she so freely offers.
  • SHARE your SELF with those you love and cohabit the planet with.
  • SMILE because it takes no effort and it FEELS GOOD all over…your body loves it.
  • LAUGH because it’s the greatest MEDICINE for you and others that hear you laugh.
  • CRY because it washes the poisons from your system — CLEARING old debris.
  • To FEEL loved because you are perfect and always loved as part of all that is.
  • LOVE because love is truly all there is, and it’s FREE to give..and what you give out you get back.
  • LISTEN because that’s how you LEARN about this magical place.
  • WORK at doing what you love and are PASSIONATE about because your life will be what you want it to be.
  • PLAY because playing is our BIRTHRIGHT and play keeps the soul fresh and vibrant and healthy.
  • GIVE because you get out of life what you put into it and because it FEELS SO GOOD to give.
  • RECEIVE FULLY because that’s the other necessary part of giving.
  • And perhaps, last but not least….
  • LIVE FULLY ALIVE in a constant state of GRATITUDE… just for BEING ALIVE another day.

Wow…there is so much to do every day, just because you’re alive! Tell me BEING ALIVE isn’t the GREATEST!

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