[VIDEO] The Sweet Nature of the Korowai Tribe and the Amazing Place They Build Their Homes

Take a seat, modern architects. You are about to be taught the simplicity of building amazing structures right out of mother nature herself by the amazing Korowai Tribe. And besides their remarkable building skills, we all might take a lesson from these beautiful people on how to work together in the spirit of love and cooperation, which is evident in the video below. The joy in their voices and their community of love and sharing is truly an example of how wonderful the world could be if we all lived this way.

As you watch, notice how everyone is fit, healthy, and strong, as well as agile and confident in their physical abilities as they go about the treacherous work of building their homes high above earth. Observe how harmoniously they interact with each other. Compare this to a busy street in a major city where the majority of people are overweight and unfit, and probably could not even climb a 6-foot ladder. For the most part, no one smiles or acknowledges others — it’s just hordes of people texting or listening to their music.

Let’s all help one another get back to our true natural selves — back to nature, natural foods, everyday exercise, and loving, peaceful mindsets that will return us to the way we were meant to live this life: in health and harmony like the Korowai tribe. Take a step towards nature — even if it’s a walk in a park or around your block once a week, and go out of your way to say hello to passers-by. You may not end up building a tree house, but it may just change your life.